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48 pieces for
Stocking Caps, Beanies or Scarves.
60 pieces for Earbands
per Style, Color, Name & Size.


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AP665-1 stocking cap
BN600-1 beanie
america stocking cap


Your own unique look is created by having your logo knit into any of the items shown above.  On headwear, the logo will be knit once into the front and on scarves it will be knit into both sides of each end.  Artwork fees will be based upon the complexity of the logo.  Please contact our Customer Service Department to determine if your logo will work with our products.

Colors & Material:

Once you select a style, your order is knit in the colors you have chosen from the 32 we have to offer.  Made with 100% acrylic yarn.  Machine wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.  Do not iron.


Our stocking caps and beanies are knit as Adult “One Size Fits Most”.

Our scarves are considered Adult size and are approximately 60″ long by 6.25″ to 6.75″ wide.

32 Yarn Colors Available

yarn colors
made in mn

Made in the USA – Cloquet, MN

*Disclaimer:  Imprints, logos or trademarks displayed on products are for the purpose of showing our capabilities only.  These designs are not available for sale to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs.