1. Pick what item you want to purchase.
  2. Download the Template of the item by clicking on the style number below the image.
  3. Download the Order Form.
  4. Choose your colors. Each color has a corresponding number with it. Please include the color name and number.
  5. School Orders: A copy of the Purchase Order will need to go with the paperwork to proceed with the order. Begin the process so it is ready upon submitting your order.
  6. All Other Orders: Current credit card information and 50% down will be needed upon placing an order before your order will be processed.
  7. Please email your order form and template to sonja@wearaknit.com

A.  Yes.  Under each item page there is a link at the top of the page to a pricing guide for that particular style.

A.  There is an approximate ship date listed in the upper right hand corner of your sale order. Please note that approximate ship dates are based off of sales order approval, machine availabilitly, and the amount of orders in house at any given time. Approximate ship dates are NOT determined when initial order is placed. Lead times can change on a daily basis.

A.  A Jersey Cuff has the same knit throughout the entire hat and into the cuff. A Deluxe Cuff turns into a more bulky rib knit at the cuff.

A.  Yes.  Every item from Wear-a-Knit is made at our factory in Cloquet, Minnesota.

A. Due to many different factors, our lead time changes on a daily basis.  This includes time of year, quantity ordered, type of product, machine availability, etc.  An approximate ship date is given when a Sales Order is sent to you for approval.  It is located in the upper right hand corner of the Sales Order.  This date is subject to change if your Sales Order is not returned to us with written approval within one day of receipt.  Approvals are not accepted over the telephone.

A.  Most items are 48 pieces per style.  Mittens have a 36 pair minimum and heavy weight earbands have a 60 piece minimum.  Due to the cost of machine set-up, we cannot go below our set minimums.

A.  Yes, we will send you 1 or 2 samples free of charge.  International requests will be charged for shipping.

A.  We use 100% acrylic yarn.

A.  We do not charge a fee for any standard set-up but there is a $30.00 fee for the following set-ups:
*A different name on each side of headwear.
*A long name wrapped around our headwear.
*A different name on each end of a scarf.
*A different name on each hand of the mittens.
*Color changes.

A. Yes, but there must be a minimum of 48 pieces per colorway with each being the same style and having the same name knit in.  A $30.00 fee is charged for each color change.

A.  No, we do this free of charge.

A.  You need to e-mail the logo to us and what style you would like it done in.  At that point is when we determine whether or not your logo can be done.  The artwork fee for drawing a logo will be quoted after artwork is received.

A.  Yes, we can sew them into stocking caps, beanies, cross country ski hats and onto scarves.  They must be provided by the customer and there is an additional charge for sewing them in.

A.  We ship the majority of our orders through FedEx but we can also ship by US Mail if requested.

A.  We do ship to other countries, but we do not provide a quote for this service.  Canadian orders are shipped FedEx while all others are shipped USPS.  Wear-a-Knit is not responsible for any duty/brokerage fees that may occur at the border.  Therefore we cannot give a quote for any charges.  Please contact your local FedEx/Postal Service with any inquiries about these fees.

made in mn

 Made in the USA – Cloquet, MN