How Do I Place an Order for Logo Items?

A logo item includes: original artwork, special lettering, custom striping/design, etc.; that isn’t considered our standard.

We are limited to the amount of detail that we can knit in our products. To find out if we have the capabilities to knit your logo item, please include the following information in an email.

  1. Logo including brief description
  2. Item style
  3. Colors with corresponding color number

a.      Our machines are only capable of knitting 3-4 colors including the body color. (This is dependant on the logo layout).

  1. Striping pattern (if applicable)
  2. Order Form

a.      Company and Payment Information are required.

Due to a large volume of orders during our busy season, please allow for additional time for your Customer Service Representative to process your order.)

Once we receive the information listed above, the following process will take place:

  1. We will bring your logo to the artwork department to check the capabilities of knitting your logo.
  2. If we are capable to knit your order we will send you a quote on artwork costs, the style number, and any additional information.
  3. Our logo items can be found on our website under the main menu “Our Products/ Logo Items.” Our price list is on the top of the page.

Just so you have an understanding of our knitting process in making a design, Wear-A-Knit’s proofs are done on a program that uses a grid format. Each box in the grid represents one stitch. Every box that is used in the design must be completely filled as we do not have the capability to do a partial stitch. In the actual knitting process each stitch is in the shape of a “V” which can prevent a clean and even edge.

Unfortunately, we do not give lead times for logo items. Your actual lead time is based off of when your Sales Order is created and emailed/faxed to you for your review and approval. We have a limited amount of special machines to knit certain logo/design orders. Due to this, sometimes the knitting process may be longer than a standard order.

Please review the following general information on our ordering process.

    • All approximate ship dates are estimated ship dates. Wear-A-Knit is the manufacturer and we do the best to accommodate the approximate ship date but we do not make any guarantees.
    • Shipping costs will be added to your invoice but is not included on the Sales Order’s total cost.
    • We do not notify you when your order ships. If your email is provided we will have UPS Quantum View email you the UPS tracking number.
    • We do not use customer’s UPS account number and apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
    • Under/Over Policy: Quantity shipped may be +/- 10% on orders less than 144 or +/- 5% for orders 144 and over.

*       Example: An order of 48 may have +/- 10% (44-52 pieces)

*       The quantity shipped is the quantity that will be charged and included on your invoice.

    • It is your responsibility to review the entire Sales Order for inaccuracies as well as follow the instructions on the Terms and Agreement. Please contact us immediately if any changes need to be made.
    • A signature (via fax) or an electronic signature (via email) must be received for your order to go into production. Any delays in receiving the appropriate signature may result in delays in your approximate ship date.