How Do I Place an Order for Standard Items?

The following information provides a detailed description on the process of placing an order for standard items.  Instructions are also given on how to find templates, pricing, colors, etc.

  1. From the menu bar, choose the type of product you want to order (jersey cuff stocking cap, beanie, scarf, etc.).
  1. Choose the style of product you would like to order (style differences are the placement of where the stripes, names, etc. are knit into the items).
  1. Download the template for that style by clicking on the link below the corresponding image.
  1. On the template, write the name to be knit into the item, and fill in the component colors using both the color name and number. Click this link to open our yarn colors page.
  1. Download the order form by clicking on the link at the top of each product page.  This information will be used to set up a new account, or to verify an existing account you have with us.
  1. Fill in all information that is requested on the order form. Pricing per quantity can be found on our price list.  Please click the link at the top of each product page for pricing.
  1. Methods of payment:

Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express are accepted.  A 50% Down Payment is required for all orders.  (See key points below for more information.)

Prepay Credit Card – Payment in Full is required when we receive your Sales Order and Terms and Agreement approval.  Payment amount is quantity of items ordered multiplied by cost per item, plus shipping charges.  This Order Total is found at the bottom of your Sales Order.

Prepay Check – Payment in Full must be received and cleared by the bank for an approximate ship date to be assigned to your order and have it go into production.  Payment amount is quantity of items ordered multiplied by cost per item, plus shipping charges.  This Order Total is found at the bottom of your Sales Order.

  1. E-mail or fax your order form, template, and/or any inquiries to only one Customer Service Representative. This will avoid order duplication and unnecessary delays with your order.  Customer Service e-mail addresses are as follows: OR
  1. Once a Customer Service Representative has received your order form, template, and payment information, a Sales Order will be created for you.  This Sales Order will have your “Bill to”, “Ship to”, Approximate Ship Date, and other order information on it. The Sales Order will be sent to you for approval along with a Terms and Agreement form. These must be returned to us in writing before your order can go into production.

** Please review the following general information which pertains to all orders:

  • All approximate ship dates are estimated ship dates.  Wear-a-Knit does its best to meet these approximate ship dates but, because we are the manufacturer, there can be unforeseen delays.
  • Due to the large volume of orders we receive during our busy season, additional time will be needed for your order to be processed.
  • It is your responsibility to review the entire Sales Order for inaccuracies as well as follow the instructions on the Terms and Agreement. Please contact us immediately if any changes need to be made.
  • An electronic signature (via e-mail) or a written signature (via fax) must be received for your order to go into production. Any delays in receiving the appropriate signature may result in delays in your approximate ship date.
  • A 50% down payment for credit card orders is required at the time of approval of your Sales Order and Terms and Agreement.
  • We do not notify you when your order ships and the final balance is charged.  This amount includes the remaining balance, over/under quantities (see policy below) and shipping charges.
  • Shipping costs will be added to your final invoice but they are not included on the Sales Order.
  • We do not notify you when your order ships.  UPS Quantum View will e-mail the UPS Tracking Number(s) to you if an e-mail address is provided.
  • We do not use our customer’s UPS numbers and apologize for any inconvenience.

All orders are subject to our over/under Policy as shown below.  This policy is also found on each Sales Order at the bottom of the page.

Quantity shipped may be +/- 10% for orders less than 144 pieces or +/- 5% for orders 144 and over.

  • Example 1:  An order of 48 may have +/- 10% (44-52 pieces).
  • Example 2:  An order of 200 may have +/- 5% (190-210 pieces).

The quantity shipped is the quantity that will be charged and included on your invoice.

For further information, please click the FAQ’S tab located on the menu bar at the top of the page.